The Tangelo Experience

Like the tangy fruit we’re named after, Tangelo fuses modern Chiropractic Care and Manual Therapy with Functional Rehabilitation.

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But, What really makes us different…

…is how we use those techniques and treatments to help YOU!

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At Tangelo, you’re more than just an injured knee, a hurt shoulder, or a sore ankle - you’re a person.

And because every person is different, we customize our treatment methods and exercises for your specific needs and interests.

At each visit, you’ll spend time with a doc who’s treatment will open up your affected area to allow movement. Then, you’ll move onto the rehab floor where you’ll learn to retrain your body on how to move better so you can avoid future injuries.

Treatment without retraining will get you healthy again, but it will not keep you injury free. That’s the power of manual therapy + movement.

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Get Energized While Getting Well

You won’t find any stuffy, cramped exam rooms at Tangelo. In addition to our Team, our modern, open concept clinics bring you energy through vibrant colors and fun music!

“There is something powerfully energetic about Tangelo. The positivity is palpable. I knew everyone there was going to profoundly change and help me from the moment I walked through the door into the lively space. It's not a normal doctors office. This place is fresh and uplifting with an open rehab floor animated by very audible music playing in the background. People are all over performing athletic exercises. Everyone (yes, even patients) look happy and ARE happy. Tangelo makes you feel hopeful. “ - Jessica G.


 Simply put, we're different from anything you've ever experienced before.

Our only goal is to get you back to doing what you love, whether that’s playing with your kids, simply living pain-free, running your first marathon...or your 20th!

Even more unique than our model is our award winning Team.

We scour the nation for top-quality Chiropractors, Functional Rehabilitation Specialists and Customer Experience Coordinators to ensure you not only get amazing care, but also an amazing experience.


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