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innovative model

We’re not your traditional chiropractic.

We combine the most innovative Chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques to create a uniquely personalized treatment program to meet your goals.

The staff at Tangelo have been wonderful in helping me to recover from the wear and tear of my life. I didn’t have a serious injury, but they help me to reduce the pains I deal with day to day. I get exercises to practice at home, so I’m not dependent on going there all the time for care. I sleep better at night because of Tangelo.
— Kelly R.
I was in a serious car accident several months ago and [...] I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am to have found them. Not only did that accident hurt me physically but it did damage to my emotional state as well. [...] They are my healers and how they work together as a team is remarkable. I appreciate their modern mindset to healing and that they are skilled in the newest technologies and treatments toward healing. They also have helped rebuild my confidence and spirit with their positive motivation and encouragement.
— Adrienne T.
What can I say? Tangelo changed my life. I am an aging athlete that has consumed lots of PT over the years. But Tangelo has literally changed my life. I came to them with partially torn bicep tendon that eventually fully ruptured. They have brought me back to a place of health that i probably haven’t been for over a decade.
— Paul B.

energetic clinics

Our spaces have optimism embedded in them.

When you walk into a Tangelo clinic you can feel the energy! We know your environment matters and we have designed each of our our clinics to help you recover as fast as possible while we empower you with both inspiration and energy.

amazing team & community

At Tangelo, each member of our team is here with one focus in mind - helping you get out of pain and get you back to doing what you love! Our team works together, partnering with you at every moment to accomplish this.

We actively engage the active lifestyle community surrounding our clinics and partner with them, making people and our communities healthier by hosting and participating in events, activities and workshops!


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SEATTLE | West Seattle, Fremont, Green Lake PORTLAND | Slabtown